Sit back, relax and let it happen – a quick guide on how to organize successful town hall meetings.

So when was the last time you attended a town hall hosted by your company executive? And more importantly what did you personally get out of the meeting? And last but not least: how did you feel after the “big” event?

Let’s be honest, most of the time we simply: sit back, relax and let it happen right? And we walk back to our workplace and dive straight into our daily routine…and are rarely reminded of the event, let alone feeling any differently.

Now, I am not saying it is an easy task to plan for a large audience meeting – on the contrary, I think it is one of the most difficult meeting formats to actually plan for, because the audience is mostly heterogeneous and it is difficult to actually make this an “all inclusive” event, and even more difficult it is to have a dialogue. Inolvement and engagement are the ultimate goals which we try to achieve in employee communication - but sometimes we fail.

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