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A multinational, mid-size company was aware of the common problems their employees were dealing with. At the time those were rather broadly defined issues such as; malfunctioning systems, broken inter-company processes, inappropriate communication channels and messages and lacking customer-centric actions.

In their quest to find the real issues, different methodologies including tailored surveys and informal roundtables were used. But, unfortunately none of these helped reveal the real issues either. Employees stated that their problems were not identified correctly, nor did they find a way to describe them in the context of their individual business situations, and they certainly did not feel that their issues were effectively acknowledged nor handled appropriately. Employees also mentioned that even if they had found a solution for a problem, they quickly moved on and that they were too busy, or there was no appropriate platform to share their experience with others around the globe. Does this sound familiar? Fortunately, the client did not give up and took the time to dig deeper. As a result together we developed the 5 practical steps for better experience sharing through Employee Communication and a corresponding model

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