Corporate culture: How to make a difference

3 key points

Corporate culture is a company’s DNA. It runs through each and every employee and is the unseen vibe that allows an organization’s people to make things happen. Something you feel and sense, more than you can actually pinpoint with facts and figures, charts and graphs, It’s the buzz we notice when walking down the hallway or into the coffee corner that is called corporate culture.

When a company recruits their employees based on how well a candidate fits into their corporate culture and embodies its values, guess what happens? You get a really strong foundation upon which to build an organization. A “we-can” mentality with a bunch of people believing in a purpose and a goal, no matter how high the hurdles may seem. Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Here is a recipe for making a difference:

1 )  Be authentic

It might seem commonplace to be authentic in everyday work situations, but it’s a piece of advice not to be taken for granted. Too often, we are trying to please others and are thus guided by that kind of motivation. So, just be yourself, especially in our ever demanding, challenging and faster working world. You will feel healthier, have more fun and be able to set the boundaries necessary for your own well-being. Find the balance between challenge and fun. Don’t hide your excitement when something or someone inspires you. Dare to share your emotions. Simply stay authentic, because those remain true to themselves, are the role models we all look up to.

2 )  Live your values

Credibility starts with determination and dedication. I doubt some one would say to themselves: ‘Oh today I’ll try to be credible’. Instead, another person gives us a piece of positive feedback for a task well done which leads us to think: “Hey, I really did a good job, and it was well received. I must have come across in a credible and committed way.”

Engrained in our lives are the values we live by, day be day. They are woven into our thinking and being and drive us to make choices and take decisions. We may not realize how much happens unconsciously, but so much of what and how we do things, is based on our personal beliefs and standards. Accordingly, our behavior translates into actions – also in our working environments. As a result, the more we live our values, the more we contribute to an inspired corporate culture.

3 )  Respect each other

Some people like to do it all on their own, while others try to let others do all the work for them, while sometimes even taking the credit for it. Either way, that’s not how to make a difference when it comes to influencing corporate culture. Think of your colleagues as sparing partners, as your most valuable peers, as trusted allies. Working together is the only way to do it; with mutual respect. This starts with a cheerful ‘good morning’ at the beginning of your workday and goes through the tough discussions and heated debates, and into the in-depth project work. In the long run, treating each other with respect will open the doors for future collaboration which strengthens a positive corporate culture.

 In conclusion

I am convinced that when an organization’s employees are motivated by authentic behaviors, a common set of values and mutual respect, a strong corporate culture emerges that truly makes a difference.

What do you think? Please let us know.

By  Christine Köchli