Are you asleep in the digital age?

Digitization seems to be the buzzword of the moment and there isn’t a day that goes by without a new survey or another article on the topic. So much is currently being written and published on digital transformation that it is starting to either get confusing or overwhelming or both. What shall we make of it all?

For me, there are two main aspects: First, the business angle where companies are now taking far-reaching, future-focused decisions in terms of their digital strategies which will affect not only the direction but also the culture of their enterprises. And second, the personal side where we plunge into our daily routines and devices without a second thought.

A wake-up call for companies
From what I am observing, I feel a bit skeptical about how companies seem to be addressing the topic, because to me it often looks like they are adding and replacing an automated layer in the work process instead of embracing the opportunity to rethink their business model and working methods as a whole.

Recently I heard someone say ‘that company is in the digital slow lane’, which at first sounded funny, but really isn’t. What I take from this statement is: Obviously a number of organizations have already adopted more flexible models such as working from home a day to so and are allowing people to work the time of day they choose outside the standard 9 to 5. 

I feel very comfortable typing away in my sweat pants on the couch or wrapped in a thick fleece sweater sitting on the terrace of my vacation home.

It’s also about the mental side of things, a new kind of open-mindedness that inspires and brings people together across hierarchies, fields of expertise, experience and cultural backgrounds. Like a grass-roots, inclusive bottom-up approach for shaping a new product offering, distribution channel or business model.

It’s taking that step back and aside to see a new picture emerge with a more encompassing view. To me, that’s the wake-up call companies should be listening for.

Take charge of your destiny
Digitization is inevitably influencing our daily work, behavior and health. So, where are the gatekeepers that tell us when and where to stop using a device or app because it is potentially harming our mental and social life? I believe that we haven’t been bystanders for quite a while now. Just watching passively as the digital world unfolds - no. We want to be part of it, we want live in the social media space on a daily basis.

Each of us needs to choose what’s right for her- or himself; how frequently we sign in to our preferred digital tools and how much time we spend with them by defining the relevance and usefulness of our personal consumption.

Truly, I feel it’s everyone’s own decision! Personally, I am very conscious as to where and how I want to emerge myself into this digital world on a daily basis: It’s Instagram for my food photos, Nat Geo for my landscape posts, What’s up for my daily conversations with friends and of course this blog to engage with all of you on our passion for simple and smart communication. So wake up and start taking charge of your own digital destiny.

What is your company doing to embrace digitization more holistically? And how do you tackle the challenges of your daily (digital) life? Give us an example and let us know what you are doing about it.

by Christine Köchli