Feeling a little courageous today

Why don’t we – for a change and in our daily lives – take a different approach to things. Let’s look at the issues we are dealing with a bit more holistically, while putting the person at the centre of attention. It’s a matter of taking that different perspective consciously, viewing things from another angle and turning the tasks ‘inside out’, because only when we understand a person’s background and history, their motivations, interests and ideas, can we start connecting the dots to others, thus becoming more resourceful and creative. – I am always a bit hesitant about using the word ‘creative’ since it can mean so many different and such a variety of things. But, in this context I feel it is appropriate. – This can result in a richer solution and a more fulfilling outcome, because you’ve considered some non-obvious factors in the equation.

Maybe you’re a team leader or project manager: How have you taken a deeper look at what could enrich the projects you are working on?

We should dare to be curious and courageous, dig deep and look far, ask a lot of questions, learn to recognize an unusual side of something and start acknowledging a person’s wealth of experience and expertise not just based on their CV but on their overall life experience. This may include unexpected areas such as a hobby, a voluntary involvement, a special interest or someone’s heritage. It’s worth to take a second look.

As an HR business partner or recruiting manager, what do you ask your interviewees to find out more about a person’s background and life experience?

Every once in a while, we should take the unconventional road by having the courage look the other way, ask the extra question and listen even better to the person in front of you. By bringing these ingredients together in a new and passionate way, it can turn into a valuable, fulfilling and sustainable outcome for everyone.

So, the next time you are having your sitting together with a bunch of people or even when you’re just out to lunch with a colleague, show the extra interest and learn something new by being a little more courageous!

How have you been courageous today? Let us know.

by Christine Köchli