Clear vs cluttered

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What is a clear message, an understandable text, digestible content? In today’s corporate world it’s often hard to find simply worded, easy to understand, relevant and meaningful information, especially when it comes to translating company strategies into key messages and storylines. So stop cluttering your messages, brochures and power point slides with corporate jargon, filler words, technical terms and abbreviations that clog up your texts. Keep it simple, clear, pragmatic. It makes your writing more informative, more entertaining and hopefully more relevant.

There is a reason why it still is best practice to adhere to the basic principles of good journalistic writing: Who, When, Where, What, How, Why. I use it all the time. Even if only as a mini checklist to make sure I've covered all my bases, and because I then feel more at ease. Your readers will be more interested in what you have to say, motivated by the knowledge and information you are sharing, possibly intrigued by the message you are conveying and maybe even engage in a conversation with you. What more do you want.

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by Christine Köchli