Do you have a moment?

Rupal Purohit Ulrich

Moments of spontaneous gestures and words that my family, friends, colleagues, clients and sometimes complete strangers share with me are many times my source of inspiration in life. In this blog I want to share with you one example of that very personal human moment, which is authentic and fresh – one that touches your heart and your soul. I am thinking about that particular moment in which you feel intensely moved as well as filled with a lot of gratitude. Those instances are unplanned and have no communication strategy – they are simply positive human actions which lead to positive human reactions.

My story on human communication

A few months back, when I passed by our local commune shelter which provides a temporary home for refugee families, I heard gentle female voices and sounds of laughter. I stopped for a moment and glanced over to see women and young girls as well as babies sitting on a blanket which was laid out with different small snacks. Their laughs were infectious and put a smile on my face. I then noticed that the group consisted of a mix of “local” women and children and “refugees” which put an even bigger smile on my face and made me immediately feel hopeful and positive about our future, despite the often depressing news about immigrants.  

I guess I was particularly touched by this “pick-nick moment” which I was able to witness because my parents who are of Indian origin and had to also flee from Uganda in 1972 which was then their home and where they had been born and raised. And, this very moment reminded me of the stories my mum used to tell me about their personal encounters when they arrived possessing only the clothes they were wearing. Luckily my parents, by and large, met open minded and kind people who also made my parents feel welcome in a totally strange country with a spontaneous gesture or a kind comment.

This experience, also reminded me of the fact that there are little actions I can take – in my own little world that truly make a personal difference. And, I found myself again inspired – inspired to continue to be myself, listen authentically and keep all my senses open, all the time, while remaining spontaneous and sharing my inner smile, because small gestures and remarks do make a difference in people´s lives.

Now, after sharing my personal human moment with all of you out there, I would love to hear yours? Please share your thoughts or comments on our blog.

by Rupal Purohit Ulrich

PS: I don´t want to initiate a political discussion, nor talk about donations and our responsibility in society – it is just a story I wanted to share on spontaneous human communication.